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Elasto-proof 650

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is a water proof coating which formulated based on elastomeric styrene
acrylic polymer for exterior application. It is specially formulated to be
highly flexible to cover hairline cracks, and it has excellent water resistance.
Uses :
- Water proofing of concrete, metal, wood or clay-tiled roofs
- Possess elongation to bridge existing cracks (up to 0.5 mm) and prevents future.
- External & internal surfaces
- For protection of concrete against deterioration from effects of the UV rays
- Under tiling in wet areas inc. showers, bathrooms, laundries, exterior
decks, terraces and balconies.
Coverage :
- Priming: 2.5-4m2 /kg when applied by a brush or roller.
- 2 Coat Consumption : 1mm thickness
needs 1.35 kg/m2


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