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Anthology Hip System

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The ANTHOLOGY◊ system is a hip stem (femoral implant with a neck and ball) used for primary hip replacement surgery. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint, connecting the femur with the pelvis. The head of the femur, shaped like a ball, fits tightly into the acetabulum, forming the ball and socket joint of the hip, allowing the leg to move forward and backward, side to side, and rotate right and left. Hip replacement surgery involves adding a femoral implant into the femur and adding an acetabular cup in the pelvis to help restore range of motion in the hip.

The ANTHOLOGY hip system has integrated instruments designed for specific minimally invasive surgical hip approaches.

Minimally invasive surgery – Direct Anterior Approach
Minimally invasive surgical techniques are considered to be easier on the patient’s muscles and tissues because the procedure is performed through a smaller incision. Direct Anterior approach allows exposure from the front of the hip joint as opposed to the side (lateral) or to the back (posterior). The direct anterior approach is performed through a natural interval between muscles. The important muscles for hip function, the gluteal muscles, are left undisturbed. This lack of disturbance of the soft tissues accounts for improved stability of the hip and a lower risk of dislocation.


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